Eric D. Zimmerman's minimal home page:

I am a professor in the physics department at the University of Colorado.

My field of interest is experimental particle physics, and my research centers on three neutrino-related experiments: T2K at J-PARC, NA61 at CERN, and LBNF/DUNE at Fermilab.

2017-18: Research Opportunity Seminar Series

Fall 2017: Physics 3330 -- Electronics Laboratory for Physics Majors

Spring 2014: Office hours Tuesdays 3:00-4:45PM.
Physics 3220 - Quantum Mechanics I

Spring 2011,2012,2013: Physics 4420 - Nuclear and Particle Physics

Fall 2010: Physics 3000 - Science and Public Policy

Fall 2009: Physics 2010 - Introductory Mechanics for Life-Science Majors

Fall 2008: Colloquium Schedule

Spring 2008: Physics 2150 - Experimental physics

Fall 2007: Physics 3320 - Electromagnetism I

Spring 2007: Physics 3310 - Electromagnetism I

Fall 2006: Physics 2150 - Experimental physics

Spring 2006: Physics 2010 - Introductory Mechanics for Life-Science Majors

Newspaper article on the Henderson Mine site proposed for the national Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory.

E815 material.

E898 beam plots.

E898 horn review information.

Old talks.

NuMI and BooNE horns being tested (1.2 MB sound file)

Information for visitors.

T2K Beam/280 Group Meeting in Boulder, February 2005

BooNE Collaboration Meeting in Boulder, January 2003

Nubar workshop in Boulder, August 1, 2003


Eric D. Zimmerman (edz@colorado)
Dept. of Physics UCB 390, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colo. 80309
Phone: 303-735-5338. Fax: 303-492-5119.